Faucet and fixture

If a faucet leaks, usually the simple replacement of a rubber washer can fix the problem. Changing a fixture is not difficult if you take these steps. Measure the size of your fixture from the center of the holes made in your sink. A common example would be a two handled faucet with center nozzle where the faucet holes are four inches apart. Choose a replacement based on size, functionality and look.

Residential remodeling

Remodeling plumbing involves replacing everything in your kitchen or bathroom. This means turning off the water, dismantling the cabinets, taking away the appliances and essentially shutting down the two most important rooms in your house. An extensive plumbing remodel will take these two rooms out of commission for as long as the remodel takes.


This system is the grand of the more recent systems. It is simply laid on top of the concrete slab by using specially notched spacers on which the heating cables are simply hooked. A screed of around 25mm to 50mm thick usually a mixture of river sand and standard cement to a ratio is poured over the wires and leveled using conventional tools. Cables are usually spaced from each other.  All types of flooring can be used: from ceramic tiles to wood.

Brooklyn Sewer and Drain Cleaning

Over the years, Brooklyn Sewer and Drain Cleaning have been providing the finest in plumbing, heat and air conditioning services. As one of the premier plumbing and heating contractors in the New York region, we take pride in the quality of our work and our workers. We have a service fleet of vehicles and a staff of employees ready to serve your needs.  Besides plumbing, we specialize in radiant, and hydronic heat repair and replacement, forced air heat and air-conditioning systems. We offer complete consultation and can prepare heat loss calculations and reports. We're licensed and bonded and an Accredited Member in good standing with the Better Business Bureau and various local and national associations. We welcome real-estate and property management accounts! We offer also maintenance contracts for both residential and commercial properties. 
New York families have trusted our tried and true reputation of serving the community with complete, efficient, and cost‐effective plumbing and heating services. With a highly trained and tested staff of plumbing and heating technicians equipped with the most advanced tools to date, we can service all of your family's plumbing and heating needs. The following is a brief list of the services we offer:

  • All Types of Re-piping Services 
  • Underground Water and Drain Piping Installed and Repaired 
  • Faucets repaired or replaced
  • Water Closets and urinals repaired or replaced
  • Sump Pumps Installed and Serviced 
  • Water Heaters Repaired and Replaced 
  • Slab Leaks Repaired 
  • Water Pressure Regulation Devices 
  • Video Inspections
  • Backflow Preventer installation